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Content Roadmap

During the first week of the server we will be fixing any bugs reported by our team of Bug Hunters. Stats have all been completely redone. There will be some new models coming in to replace certain objects as well, and we will make sure voting and hiscores work during this period.

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During this period we will be adding more Magic Bosses and content in general in the form of new upgrades and fuses etc, as well as implementing another raid for the server to enjoy and grind. More suggestions and bugs will be continued during this as well as they come up.

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During this period we will be focusing on adding more custom Skilling and custom skilling resources etc, as well as new Donor content, with some suggestions being new donor zones, and new donor raids / bosses. Stayed Tuned for more info on this.

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Server Owners:

  • MorrisOwner/Developer
  • SM4RTCo-Owner
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